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    Circus at TIN

    January 13th, 2010

    Yesterday I was working at the depot of the Theatre Institute. The depot is the place where the archives are of all sorts of people, magazines, old books  and where we keep our museum artefacts, like costumes, theatre props, stage models and the Slingelandt theatre.

    “The only remaining home theatre consists of fourteen complete decors from the eighteenth and nineteenth century. The decors of the Slingelandt theatre are models of the decors at the eighteenth century Stadsschouwburg (city theatre) at the Leidseplein in Amsterdam. In a reconstruction of the Slingelandttoneel a few of these decors and a decor-change can be seen.
    Hieronymus baron van Slingelandt, one of the richest regents of Amsterdam at the end of the eighteenth century, had a theatre made in 1781 and exhibited it at his house at the Herengracht.” On the Dutch page about the Slingelandt Theatre you can see a YouTube movie of  a demonstration.

    We recently received a gift of a huge amount of circus posters. I believe it is about 10.000 posters. My colleague and I spend some hours cataloguing them and place them is special card board ‘sleeves’

    I made some pictures. We did over 300 posters from Russia and Poland:

    I’m still alive!

    October 16th, 2009

    Its been a month, no longer, since I posted here.
    And this is also a short post, because I’m here:

    This is my desk at TIN: the Theater Instituut Nederland (the Dutch theatre institute). And see that green cup? thats filled with café creme: delecious coffee :)

    I’m just here to say I’m alive and doing very well indeed. Much better that a few months ago. I was at the zoo last Wednesday, giving a guided tour and doing 2 kids birthday-parties. Next Saterday I’m also giving a guided tour, so all is going well there als wel.

    Time to get to work.
    Bye for now.

    PS that picture is made with my new and awsome iPhone, emailed to my webmail and uploaded to my blog from that same desk you see in the picture :) How geeky is that? *lol*

    Another month…

    July 31st, 2009

    … has gone by and I did not blog.. Well not here I didn’t, My Second Life person was rather active on her blog. :) I did post updates on Twitter though. If you consider following me there, my Twitter-name is tattoocats.

    Anyway, a lot has happened this past month, but the best thing that happened is that I got myself a new job. Yes, I’m leaving the OBA. It turned out not to be the job I’m willing to take until my pension, so I was looking around. And my first attempt for finding a new employer turned out to be a ‘bulls eye’ :)

    My new job will be that of information specialist at the Dutch Theater Institute. Here are the Dutch and English links. I am so happy, I’m dancing in my house all day, wearing a enourmous grin on my face.

    So thats the update for now. I’ll try to blog a bit more, meanwhile consider following me on twitter :)

    More sorting 2

    February 2nd, 2008

    Speaking of sorting.

    This little ‘baby’ sorts all the books that are braught back to the public library where I work. This is the exit on the childrens department. The library has 6 floors with books and on every floor is an exit like this.

    All books are returned by the customers on one place and this robot sorts them, transports them to the correct floor and pushes it out of the elevator-thingy on the right shelve. All we have to do is put them in a cart and place them on the proper shelf.
    Quite impressive isn’t it? :D