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    Smash it!

    October 29th, 2011

    A few weeks ago I read on Ria Nirwana’s blog about the Smash Album. On her blog is also a YouTube movie:

    Its an awesome movie and be sure to turn your sound on. The music makes me very happy :) I fell madly in love with the Smash book. So I went looking and found it at the K&Company website. It was awesome, but the bad thing is: not available in The Netherlands, so the shipping costs would be huge. I showed dan_e the YouTube movie and told him I wanted to move to the US. (just kidding)

    So why am I telling you all this? Well that incredibly sweet partner of mine decided to surprise me, so he went on the web and ordered it, not telling me anything. He is good with that: keeping his mouth shut about surprises. :)

    Yesterday when he came at my house, he gave me a box. When I asked what it was he replied: “Oh nothing, just open it.” Well 3 guesses what was in it. I am very happy with this “nothing”

    There are so much more spreads to show, but i just give you these. I show more when “smashed” my stuff in. Dan_e also got me some cute Smash clips to go with the book. With the book came a pen/glue stick. So you can put it in your bag and always have a pencil and a glue stick handy. I love it.

    Book art. sort of….

    July 16th, 2011

    When I updated my computer from Windows Vista to Windows 7 (yay! best thing ever) I was left with a 788 pages thick useless book. It was useless when I had Vista too to be honest, but nevertheless it was a lot of paper. I was thinking about bookcrossing it but then I saw this.

    So I molested  the book:

    And under supervision of the girls I started folding:

    With this result:

    Klik hier voor Nederlands