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    Back on track: Day 13 Kelly’s missions and a cross stitching update.

    September 22nd, 2011

    Like I said yesterday, I’m back into the blogging-mode so here we go.

    Day 13 of the FLYlady baby staps states: Find one of Kelly’s missions and do it. I followed the link and saw todays mission is all about – and I quote – “flinging all those old, stretched out, worn out panties and bras that are just taking up space.” Well needless to say I wont show you any pictures of the results from the 15 minutes I spent digging into my drawer right? :) But I can assure you I got it done and my panties and bras are happy to have more space in their drawer.

    Today I spent almost the rest of my time cross stitching. I am a big fan of the patterns from Maryse: Les grills de Maryse I don’t speak a word French, but Google-translate is my trustworthy companion on her blog. I’m stitching her 2011 monthly SAL and I’m almost finished with January.  Yes I know I’m way behind.. or wait. FLY lady says: You’re not behind! So Im just jumping in :)

    This is my result so far:

    My next step is to translate “Janvier” into “Januari” because I want my months to be in Dutch. But I have the alphabet grid as well so that should not be a problem.

    Tomorrow’s baby step is to read an essay Kelly wrote. I’m glad its an easy step, because tomorrow my kitten-girls have an appointment with the vet to get their shots a identification chip, and they are also going to be neutered. I feel so sorry for them, but its the best thing to do. If I don’t, they keep having their periods of heat and have more risks of getting all kinds of nasty cancers. But still.. It will be a hard day for all 3 of us tomorrow. And I bet Dan_e will be thinking about them too. 

    Spider Schal Blue

    April 14th, 2011

    One of the items purchased at the Breidag (the Dutch knitting fair I mentioned earlier) was the “Spider Schal” or spider scarf. I bought the blue version and later that day I purchased the lavender/purple one too.

    It’s a sort of lace made of 100% acrylic yarn which is knitted over 8 stitches. You knit through the large holes at the top of the approximate 4″ wide ‘yarn’

    I’ll try to make some pictures when I start knitting the lavender one. This is how the blue one looks. I’m very pleased with it. As I am with my dummy which I got back from the depths of my storage room.

    I live in an apartment building and all apartments have a storage room at the ground floor. Its usually used to store stuff in you keep in the attic if you have a house,  or to park your bike safely.

    Klik hier voor Nederlands

    Breidag 2011 (post in Dutch about the Dutch knitting fair)

    March 31st, 2011

    Morgen en overmorgen, vrijdag 1 en zaterdag 2 april wordt er voor het eerst een beurs gehouden voor breiers en hakers: de Brei- en haakdag in het NBC-gebouw in Nieuwegein.

    Twee dagen met stands vol wollige en aanverwante heerlijkheden, workshops, een ruilhoek, de patronendokter is er en een Stitch ‘n Bitch informatiepunt.

    Monique Boonstra van kantwerk heeft een tentoonstelling ingericht. Francine Oomen (alleen op zaterdag) en Nancy Marchant komen signeren. Pink Ribbon is aanwezig En de kika beren komen ook (alleen op zaterdag.)

    Natuurlijk is er ruim plek voor kletsen, breien en haken. Mensen ontmoeten, ideeën opdoen en aan het eind van de dag moe maar voldaan naar huis.

    Ik ben er beide dagen bij. Kom je ook??

    yarn bombing at the Zoo

    March 9th, 2011

    I know I’m late but life happened and thus no blogging for a while. Also my editor/dashboard was not co-operating with me so it took even some more time to post this.

    The Artis yarnbombing event was a major succes and I uploaded a bunch of pictures in my Flickr. Willy and me knitted Mr Sunier a hat and a coat and for the little wisent some knee warmers and a scarf, but when we arrived to put it on the statue we found this:

    Willy and I specially knitted for this statue, so removed everything (and placed it on various places in the garden) and started to put on his coat and hat and got the wisent dressed as well.

    Look how snappy he looks like a sharp dressed man:

    On the left you see Willy and I’m strangling Sunier to prevent me from falling of the pedestal.

    Here a shot from his back:

    We thought he looked very handsome is his knitted clothes, and it was a fun project to do.

    On Wednesday march 16th we are going to remove all the knitted fabric. If you want to see it all for real, be quick.

    Klik hier voor Nederlands

    Cable bag 2 is finished

    January 14th, 2011

    In 2007 I knitted a green cable bag and lined it with a floral print fabric.

    Today I finished the same bag, knitted this year in purple yarn I bought in Ribe (which is a village in Denmark) and lined with an off white cotton fabric:

    Here is the inside:

    The colour is very difficult to catch in pixels. I think it looks more greyish in these pictures.. But it’s really purple :) I found a picture of the yarn in an earlier post here

    Klik hier voor Nederlands