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    Charlie & Emma’s D-day and The FLYlady’s Day 14

    September 23rd, 2011

    Today was a very big day for Charlie & Emma, my 2 kittens who are not really kittens anymore. Remember about a 18 months ago when I introduced them? May 8th, 2010 to be exact was when I showed them.

    Well today they had their annual shots, they got their chip and the big neutering operation. I brought them to the vet at 8:30 this morning, called back at 1 PM to hear all was well and at 2Pm they where back at home, a bit drowsy still.. but home. Here is Emma in the back on the green blanket and Charlie in the front:

    When I write this – a few hours later – they get better and better, although Emma is still a bit wobbly on her feet. Charlie is demanding food and Emma too follows hopefully when I walk into the kitchen. Officially they cannot have food until tomorrow, but I might give them a wee bit, because they haven’t eaten in a long time.

    Today was also day 14 of FLYlady’s baby steps. I was to read an essay written by Kelly. It was about using calenders. For me not much I did not already know or do. I have my Rainlendar in sync with my Google calendar on my PC, and my Ticker File for my bills and other reminders. And it works fine. Like for instance today. My rainlendar states on yesterdays date Charlie and Emma should eat before 6PM, today it says I have to bring them to the vet between 8:30 and 9:30 am. And in todays folder of the Tickerfile I put their medical Passports so I would not forget that. Pretty organised huh?

    Tomorrow is day 15: make your bed. I am making that on a daily base as well. Thats what I mean with the baby steps going slow. I know why its done this way, and it works, but maybe I’m more BO (born organized) then I thought. Anyways. dan_e is joining us as always in the weekends, so I might not be blogging until late Sunday evening or Monday during the day.




    Still FLYing

    September 21st, 2011

    Yes I am still FLYing, but I got a little side tracked so I stopped sort of with took a brake from the babysteps. Until now that is, I intend to pick them up tomorrow. I  will show you what got me sidetracked though.

    I rent my 1 bedroom apartment (approximately 50 square meters)  since March 1997. When I moved in, I painted the walls, the windowsills the ceilings and got me some nice vinyl floor covering. Now, almost 15 years later, I have a wooden floor and my home has seen many colours on the walls. I changed the grouping of my furniture almost every 3 months and got new things and ditched old stuff. In all the rooms but the bath room.

    This is how it looked like untill last week:

    to the left (yes that’s me in the mirror, standing in the doorway)

     The wash basin

    I forgot to make a picture form the “laundry corner” but I found this one with my previous cat Ayla on it. It’s dated December 2007. Need I say more?

    Anyway, after a lot of hard work I managed to make it much, much better. Take a look:

    I’m planning to get me some plastic plants for the wooden planters on top of the lavender shelves. I am very pleased with the result. There is still one small matter of the washbasin though. There is a hole in it and next week I get a replacement. Meanwhile Charlie checkes out the hole from above:

    and from below:

    Whilst “Diva Emma” sits on her “throne”

    So that’s it. I hope to be blogging about my FLYlady baby steps soon. I did not stop the habits/routines I already acquired during the first 12 days. I keep shining my sink and I keep FLYing.

    New residents at Los Ansjovis

    April 10th, 2011

    Yesterday @dan_e and me went to the best Aquarium shop in Amsterdam: Holgen to finally get me some new residents for Los Ansjovis. So far I only had the guppys from Guppywood (my first 30 litre fishtank) swimming happily in the current 60 litre fishtank I called Los Ansjovis.

    The pictures aren’t very good. It is not easy to make fishies pose for you. :)

    First meet Sid & Nancy:

    Here still in the plastic tute they came home in. Very fast swimmers. So far this picture is still the best I have.

    Next I have 5 of these little grey fish with eyes that glow like lightbulbs. Here is one as close as it gets:

    And just to show how fast they can be. The lightblue stripes are the glow of their eyes.

    Finally I have a – very shy – male Suckerfish. No he is not a sucker, he just sucks himself on a surface and eats algae.  So far he has been hiding behind the big plants or in this small vase I have on the floor for decoration:

    I’m still looking for a cool name and no I rejected Sucker already :)

    Besides the fish, I wanted something non-fishy in my tank and I was thinking about big purple snails I once saw in a picture. But then the shop assistant showed me some shrimps. I seriously liked them at once. I feel a little eerie about them, but they were so cool. And the good thing is, he is a cleaner, he eats the food rests and fish poo. I called him Dr Seuss.

    I think he really feels at home cozz from the moment I put him in the tank yesterday he has been eating and redecorating the stones on the floor and wandering around. Not at all shy like Mr. I-go-hide-in-a-vase.

    Klik hier voor Nederlands

    Its our Birthday!

    March 23rd, 2011

    Emma & Charlie are 1 today!

    Los Ansjovis

    September 19th, 2010

    May I introduce my new “obsession”, please meet Los Ansjovis:

    Thank you so much Remco for this generous gift. Remco gave me the aquarium (a real Juwel, 60x30x40cm), the filter and the heating device. After a year of planning, meeting, cancelling appointments, making new ones we finally met yesterday when Rem brought the aquarium from his home, carried it to Amsterdam CS so Dan_e and me could pick it up and bring it home.

    Dan_e and me went to the aquarium shop yesterday to get some plants (and look at some fish) and then I started cleaning, washing windows, putting the plants in and fill it up. Today, against all aquarium “rules” I moved the Guppies in.  So far so good. They seem to like it. I made a little slide show of yesterdays adventures. Just a few pictures:

    Next week, more fishies?? :)
    PS: I’ve seen new babies, so they must really like it :)
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