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    yarn bombing at the Zoo

    March 9th, 2011

    I know I’m late but life happened and thus no blogging for a while. Also my editor/dashboard was not co-operating with me so it took even some more time to post this.

    The Artis yarnbombing event was a major succes and I uploaded a bunch of pictures in my Flickr. Willy and me knitted Mr Sunier a hat and a coat and for the little wisent some knee warmers and a scarf, but when we arrived to put it on the statue we found this:

    Willy and I specially knitted for this statue, so removed everything (and placed it on various places in the garden) and started to put on his coat and hat and got the wisent dressed as well.

    Look how snappy he looks like a sharp dressed man:

    On the left you see Willy and I’m strangling Sunier to prevent me from falling of the pedestal.

    Here a shot from his back:

    We thought he looked very handsome is his knitted clothes, and it was a fun project to do.

    On Wednesday march 16th we are going to remove all the knitted fabric. If you want to see it all for real, be quick.

    Klik hier voor Nederlands

    “Wildbreien” = wild knitting or yarn bombing at Artis zoo

    January 13th, 2011

    My friend Willy and I joined a project in The Netherlands concerning wild knitting or knitting graffiti also known as yarn bombing.

    The Dutch children’s book writer, Francine Oomen, initiated the whole project: 4 weeks of knitting at the local zoo Artis in order to decorate parts of the zoo with knitted fabric. Yesterday was the first Wednesday afternoon and it was full! Lots of women of all ages, one man, a couple of boys en a dozen girls came to the “Tijgerzaal”(Tiger hall) for an afternoon of knitting and chatting.

    Here is a – blurry because I used my iPhone – impression:

    Some people just come once others like me (every week) and my friend (2 weeks) come more often and adopt a project to cover in knitted fabric. Willy and I are both volunteer tour guides at the zoo and we both have a soft spot for (the statue of) the 3rd director Mr Sunier who made sure Artis survived WW II and saved the wisent from extinction. So we knit him a sleeveless coat and a hat, and the little Wisent (European buffalo) gets knee warmers and a scarf. I will keep you posted :)

    Klik hier voor Nederlands

    Goodbye Pimky

    June 2nd, 2010

    I was informed today via Twitter the sad news one of my favorite animals of Artis Zoo has died. Pimky the gibbon.

    Here you see him in the front of his female companion Demi. I will miss him dearly.

    Klik hier voor Nederlands

    Artis Dreamnight 2009

    June 6th, 2009

    If you recognise yourself in one of these pictures and don’t want it to be published here, please let me know and I’ll remove the picture.

    Als je jezelf op één van de foto’s herkent en niet wil dat deze hier te zien is, laat het me weten en ik haal de foto weg.


    @ the Zoo

    June 22nd, 2008

    The boyzzzz :

    In the front Niek, standing in the back Adam.

    Mama Carolien was proudly presenting baby Noa:

    Noa is just a week old, so she’s not strong enough to swim yet. She needs lots of fat milk to grow twice as big as when she was born. If all goes wel she learns to swim next week.