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    The Martini Tower

    November 17th, 2009

    Here are some of the pictures I made from our climb to the top halfway all the way up of the Martini Tower:

    Yes, thats the one….

    The bats have left the bell tower.. Bela Lucosi is dead.. :)

    See the market in the little window?

    Yes, thats the one

    Lets play the
    carillion shall we?

    This is one of the “smaller” bells actually…
    What goes up 251 steps, must go down 251 steps.
    This was as high as we were allowed to go. 56 meters till the space behind the clock faces on the tower. It was a hell of a climb with an awsome view and well worth the calves abuse :)

    (no) Sunday Salon november 15th 2009

    November 16th, 2009

    I’m so sorry but I did not make it to the Sunday Salon yesterday. The trip home from Groningen was very tiring, I had absolutely no energy to blog.

    I did not finish my book on my trip either. On my way to Groningen I was knitting joyously on my Jacobean socks and on my way back I was way too tired and I had to switch trains a lot and even a bus was involved so I only read about one chapter.

    My weekend was however awsome and makes me wonder: when do you start call someone your partner? All I can say right now is that The Twitterguy is my Boyfriend now. We take it very slowly but for the first time in 5 years I can say I’m happy, in stead of I’m a happy single :)

    I’ll blog about the trip up the Martini Tower in another post. I made pictures :)