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    Anita Blake, vampire hunter novels by Laurell K. Hamilton

    This review will be about the first 7 books of the Anita Blake vampire hunter books. I’ve been reading them one after another; as soon as I finished one, I started the next.

    In the beginning I did not much like Anita. She was a vampire hunter, but a very scared one, totally not like Buffy Summers of the TV series Buffy the vampire slayer.  True, I must admit, sometimes I don’t like Buffy too, and my true favorite heroine of that series is Willow Rosenberg but Buffy is not as scared to face the vampires as is Anita.

    So, why did I not quit after Guilty Pleasures, AB-01? Well.. mostly because of Jean-Claude, the Master of the City. I liked him and I wanted to get to know him more, so I started reading The laughing corpse. After that I was hooked and could not stop reading, even when I so dislike Richard Zeeman, the werewolf she is dating for a while.

    Why do I not like Richard? Well I was thinking about that too, and I do ‘blame’ Anita for it. She paints his picture as handsome, and she tells me he has a great body and lovely hair, but at the same time she tells me about his Boy Scout manners, his morals and what she dislikes about him. How he refuses to kill and become true Ulfric and by that bringing the pack in danger. After he does kill Marcus and becomes Ulfric, he keeps wining about what he is. I think I like Jean-Claude better, because he accepts what he is: a vampire, a walking corpse as Anita refers to him. Richard on the other hand still acts as a human being. which he is not. He is lycanthrope. So, Anita gives me enough to dislike Richard, but not enough to compensate that, to start liking him.

    One of my other favourite characters is Edward. He is a sort-of friend from Anita, who specializes in assassinating supernatural targets. He is rather black-and-white in the beginning, but his character gets more colour in The Lunatic Cafe, where he asks Anita for her help. One thing is always the same: no matter what, his rules are always clear and he keeps his word.

    I am half-way Blue Moon; AB-08 and I am disliking Richard more and more. He is a whining werewolf and a jealous and pathetic man. I so hope she kills him at the end, but I’m afraid she won’t, because of the triumvirate. Ah well as long as Jean-Claude is there and Anita keeps kicking some ass it will be acceptable that there is this whining wolf too.

    I liked it, mainly because of Edward and Jean-Claude. No real sympathy for Anita yet.

    - -

    Liking Anita a bit more. She gets more depth. Maybe because of her new-found ability as necromancer. Jean-Claude is good. Oh and I really like Dolf Storr he is really a cop, like a cop should be.

    - -

    In here we meet Richard Zeeman. Anita drools over his body, falls in love and finds out he is a lycanthrope. Oh and there is Alejandro, who wants her as human servant, as does Jean-Claude. I’m glad it was JC who won :)

    I start to like Anita and her oneliners: “Most women complain that there are no single straight men left. I’d just like to meet one that’s human.”

    - -

    “Anita becomes engaged to Richard, even as she realizes they have serious differences – and not just because he’s a werewolf.” [quote from the Anita Blake wikipedia page] See, that’s what I mean. Her differences are mine too. That’s why I don’t like Richard.

    I’m still not very fond of Anita: she won’t dump the whining werewolf. She has that in common with Buffy who falls for Angel. I mean Angel! Eeew! Its obvious I’m more of a Spike girl. I kept yelling at the book: “Dump him hunni, he is not worth your energy…”

    - -

    Bloody bones was a snack in between. Not very good, not bad either and not really spectacular.

    I really like Larry is this one. He is growing up.

    - -

    So far I really liked this on as one of the best. Edward was very funny and even Anita got her balls. But then again, I guess you will when there is a price on your head: half a million dollars. And like she said: Dead, not alive.

    - -

    Another very good one. I’m starting to like Anita more and more, dispite her feelings for Richard, whom I dislike more and more.. He is such a pathetic jealous whiner.. I want to tell him “Geez, get over it, get a life!” Or kick his balls, not sure which come first yet

    - -

    There, My first 7 Anita Blake novels reviewed. And guess what Danny found on the Net?  Yes, a Anita Blake Reading Challenge 2010. And off course I’m in :)

    3 Responses to “Anita Blake, vampire hunter novels by Laurell K. Hamilton”

    1. LesleyNo Gravatar says:

      I’ve read up to book 12 (Incubus Dreams) which is my fave and just haven’t bought book 13 (Micah) yet. After reading all these books, and seeing Anita change in character through out the series, I think I’m almost burned out. I will tell you this without spoiling, Richard is still around up to and in book 12 even though I wish he weren’t too. He seems to ruin so much for Anita. Damn Winey men. Can’t wait to read the rest of your reviews!!! :-)

    2. Yay! 7 down, 10 to go… That’s a lot ;) Enjoy the challenge! (Not exactly my cup of tea)

    3. Tree MooreNo Gravatar says:

      What a great review Marion – you’ve encourage me to carry on reading this series. I began reading the first book a short time ago and really couldn’t get interested in it…I really wasn’t liking Anita at all!

      Tree (LHN/CCN Yahoo Group)